Things To Do And See At Sara Kubitschek Park

A day at Sara Kubitschek Park is a wonderful way to relax. Take a day off from all the busy sightseeing or business meetings in Brasilia, and spend a day wandering around Sara Kubitschek Park checking out all there is to see there.

Sara Kubitschek Park is the old city park of Brasilia, renamed in honor of city founder Juscelino Kubitschek's wife. It is an enormous park, more than 4 million square meters, making it much bigger than Central Park in New York City. This park was part of the original design of the city of Brasilia drawn up in the 1950's.

There is lots to do and see at Sara Kubitschek Park, including pavilions and public areas for picnics, wonderful hiking and jogging trails, bicycle trails that wind through the park, and all the natural beauty of the savannah climate of midwestern Brazil. But, Sara Kubitschek Park also has some unique attractions that are loads of fun for the whole family.

The landscaping was all designed by landscaper Athos Bulcao. Bulcao was one of the architectural geniuses, along with Oscar Niemeyer, who created the physical city of Brasilia. The park contains lakes, open areas of native vegetation, forests and public areas where there are barbecue pits.

Sporting events are held all year round at Sara Kubitschek Park. These include big football and volleyball games, as well as more unusual adventure sports. There is a large sports court located in the middle of the park for the public to use.

Sara Kubitschek Park is full of fun activities for kids. There are skating tracks, soccer fields, racing kart tracks, and lots of playgrounds. The playground designs are wild and imaginative, and the biggest playground in the center of the park has a ferris wheel.

There is also an amusement park for kids of all ages. It has a wave pool that has waves reaching as high as one meter.

On weekends, you'll see lots of people in Sara Kubitschek Park flying model airplanes. Model airplane nuts from all over Brasilia come to the park on Saturdays and Sundays to fly around and show off their latest planes.

Sara Kubitschek Park is open everyday except for Mondays from 9 in the morning to midnight, but it is busiest on weekends. The entrance to the park can be found on Monumental Axle South, and there are smaller entrances from Brasilia's South Wing neighborhood.

You can call the park for more information at (61) 325-1092.

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