Experience The Natural Light Show In Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia

The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia is one of the city's cultural attractions. No Brazil guide book would be complete without mentioning the Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia, a church built to honor one of Brasilia's great historical figures. If you are heading to Brasilia, definitely make a stop along the way to see the Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia. It will be well worth it.

Dom Bosco's Dream

Dom Bosco was an Italian saint, and the founder of the Order of Salesians. In 1883, he had a dream, which is believed by many to be a prophecy of the building of the city of Brasilia. It was used by the founders to build the city. In the dream, Dom Bosco saw a city in the new world. This city was a utopian paradise, a capital city of a great nation, and a model for the future. He believed that this great city would rule the nation justly and make sure that all the country's people had enough of everything they needed.

One important detail of Dom Bosco's dream was that the city was to be built between the 15th and 20th parallels. Dom Bosco's dream was a major inspiration for the building of the city of Brasilia, which sits right between the 15th and 20th parallels. The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia was built right on the 15h parallel, in honor of his dream.

The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia Today

The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia is a church that sits right in the center of town, easily accessible from all the major hotels and other sightseeing spots. The architecture, like all the architecture in Brasilia, is fantastic. But, the really great thing about the sanctuary is that you can go inside.

The walls inside the sanctuary are made of purple and blue vitral, a type of stained glass. The vitral allows light from outside the church to filter in. During the daytime, this stained glass bathes the interior of the sanctuary in a blue haze. It is really spectacular, and well worth the trip to see the sanctuary just to stand inside and experience the lighting. There is also an ornate chandelier which the church staff sometimes light, and this is spectacular, too.

The sanctuary also offers a great view of the city of Brasilia, including Paranoa Lake and Alvorado Palace. On the last Sunday of August, there is a procession and festival in celebration of Dom Bosco's dream.

It is open 24 hours, and admission is free. The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia is located at EPDT, SHI Sul, Via Lacustre.

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