Brasilia Zoological Garden Serves To Preserve, Research And Educate.

The Brasilia Zoological Garden is 140 hectares of the larger Riacho Fundo Wildlife Sanctuary where visitors can see exotic and unusual wildlife in its natural setting. It is managed by FunPEB Ecological Pole Foundation, an organization whose aim it is to preserve endangered species and allow zoologists an opportunity to study these animals.

There are three reasons why the Brasilia Zoological Garden was built. One is to preserve wildlife. Many of the species here are near extinction, and the Brasilia Zoological Garden, with its natural environment, gives them a safe place to thrive. The second reason for the Brasilia Zoological Garden is to allow researchers to study and learn from these animals. The third reason is to give visitors to Brasilia a unique chance to see animals they won't see anywhere else.

Brasilia Zoological Garden is all man-made and landscaped to closely resemble the natural habitat of the animals who live here. There are three man-made lakes with islands where visitors can see monkeys, wild ducks and other animals species. There are lots of areas in the park of bamboo, natural vegetation, bushes and trees for the animals to live in.

The Animals Of The Brasilia Zoological Garden

There are over 1,300 animals at the Brasilia Zoological Garden, including 253 different species. Almost all are mammals, birds and reptiles. The park is divided into different areas for visitors to enjoy, including a large bird sanctuary that is full of exotic birds you can only see in Brazil.

Brasilia Zoological Garden is known for its wide range of different animals, including tapirs, giraffes, orangutans, kangaroos, elephants, chimpanzees, camels, pumas and Brazil's unique maned wolf. There are many more, of course, from all different climates.

What You Can Do At The Park

The best thing to do at Brasilia Zoological Garden is simply wander the park. There are lots of wide green areas for visitors to stop at along the way and picnic. You can also take a driving tour through the park and see more in less time.

The visitors center provides lots of educational resources for park visitors. There is a library, snack bar, theater and other educational resources.

One of the unique features of the Brasilia Zoological Garden's visitors center is the Taxidermy Museum. Displayed here is a wide variety of stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes.

The Brasilia Zoological Garden is located on Avenida Nacoes Unidas, southwest of the city center. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 5. There is a fee to enter. You can call ahead for more information at (61) 345-3622.

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