Staying For Awhile With Brasilia Apartment Rentals.

Brasilia apartment rentals are a great way to stay a while in Brasilia, whether you are a business traveler with a busy schedule in Brazil's capital, or a tourist on a long holiday. Brazil apartment rentals can provide you with a place to live for a short period of time while you see the city.

Unlike Rio and Sao Paulo, Brasilia does not have so many facilities available for rental. This is because the city's tourism industry is now developing, as opposed to the other major cities of Brazil where travelers often stay for an extended period of time. The best way to find Brasilia apartment rentals is to go to the city yourself, stay in a hotel for several days, and shop around.

Finding An Apartment In Brasilia

It can be tough to find Brasilia apartment rentals in the center of the city itself. Brasilia's downtown area is not residential. It was primarily designed for government business. The residential neighbourhoods that are located within the city limits tend to be quite expensive, and usually don't offer short-term leases.

You'll be hard pressed to find "vacation rentals" in Brasilia. However, there are apartments with short term leases. For short term lodging that won't break the bank, you should look for apartments in the outlying satellite cities. These are the suburbs of Brasilia, located primarily along the southwestern Brasilia metro line.

One word of warning: Although Brasilia is famous for its cleanliness and safety, you may not find these satellite cities to be so nice. This is why it's best to go and look for a rental in person. This way, you can check out the local area and make sure that it's safe and comfortable for you. Lots of Brasilia residents are increasingly moving out into the suburbs, so there are plenty of nice neighbourhoods.

If you'd like to stay in a traditional vacation rental, there are a few services operating in the city. One of the most highly regarded is Espaco Cultura Mundi.

Espaco Cultura Mundi

The Espaco Cultura Mundi offers a great Brasilia apartment rental for foreign visitors who want to stay in town for a while. It is great for casual travelers, business travelers or those conducting workshops or events.

Cultura Mundi has a main building with four cottages. The grounds are full of open public spaces and gardens. It is spacious and not cramped or urban. Cultura Mundi is located in the Setor de Mansoes Park Way in a nice area of Brasilia. It is 15-20 minutes to the city center, and less than 10 minutes from the airport.

The cottages at Cultura Mundi have full kitchens, cable TV, laundry machines and comfortable rooms with either single or double beds. The public spaces include a swimming pool, soccer field, tennis court, sand volleyball court and a 6-hole golf course. There are barbecue areas complete with wood stoves for cooking pizzas. There are also meeting rooms for workshops and seminars.

You should book a room at least 30 days in advance. For reservations, call Alberto at (61) 8112-9512. The staff at Cultura Mundi speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in order to assist guests from all over the world.

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