Brasilia Brazil Guide To Everything You Need To Know

Brasilia Brazil is a wonderful city full of great things to do and sights to see. No trip would be complete without a Brasilia Brazil guide. This Brasilia Brazil guide will give you all the information about Brasilia that you need to know. People find Brasilia Brazil to be a great place to visit. Let this Brasilia Brazil guide be your introduction to Brasilia Brazil tourism.

Brazil's Most Beautiful City

Brasilia has been the capital city of Brazil since 1960. It was built in the 50's as a planned community and, even though the population has grown well beyond the original design, there is still lots of greenery, open space and clean air. The wonderful climate helps, too.

A Rich History

Brasilia is one of the world's most successful planned cities. The plan was first proposed in the early 1800's, only to come to fruition in the 1950's. A majority of the city was built in 4 years.

There are lots of architectural feats to see in Brasilia, including TV Tower, Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge and the dazzling Metropolitan Cathedral. Brasilia is the seat of Brazil's government, with the twin towers of the National Congress shooting out of the cityscape.

Brazilian Culture

Brasilia is a wonderful place to experience Brazilian culture, food, drink and nightlife. It is also one of many great places where you can enjoy Brazil's wild Carnival held every year. Unlike Rio and Sao Paulo, Brasilia is smaller and less crowded. This also makes it an easier city to get around in.

In addition to Carnival, there are lots of cultural festivals held throughout the year, including Christmas, New Years Eve and the entire month of June, when they have several celebrations for various saints.

Art And Architecture

Brasilia has some of the most innovative, modern architecture in all of South America. Because it is a recently built city, the skyline is new and full of interesting buildings. In particular, the palaces like the Palacio da Alvorada where the Brazilian President lives, are major tourist attractions.

The Cultural Complex of the Republic is a space-age dome that brings to mind science fiction movies. And, the Cathedral is a must-see for anyone traveling in Brazil. During holidays like Christmas and Easter, it is all lit up.

Brasilia is a wonderful city to visit. It is conveniently located right in the middle-western part of the country. Let this site be your Brasilia Brazil guide, with all the information and travel advice you need

Hotels in Brasilia Brazil
There are lots of wonderful hotels in Brasilia Brazil for you to choose from. This article introduces you to some of the most popular hotels in Brasilia Brazil.

Sonesta Hotel Brasilia
The Sonesta Hotel Brasilia is the newest hotel in the city. With modern architecture, central location, and sweeping views of the city, it is an outstanding place to stay.

Tryp Brasil 21
The Tryp Brasil 21 hotel is a great place to stay in Brazil's capital city. This article tells you all about the Tryp Brasil 21, and what it has to offer.

Melia Brasil 21
This article introduces the Melia Brasil 21, one of the newest luxury hotels in Brazilia. The Melia Brasil 21 offers a great night's stay close to all the things you want to do.

Quality Resort Lakeside
If you want to stay in Brasilia but get away from it all, try Quality Resort Lakeside. The other hotels have downtown and the big buildings, but Quality Resort Lakeside has the lake.

Kubitschek Plaza
Kubitschek Plaza is a hotel that was build to commemorate the founder of the city of Brasilia, Juscelino Kubitschek. Kubitsched Plaza gets rave reviews for its excellent service and good price.

Manhattan Plaza
The Manhattan Plaza is known for the comfort and luxury of its rooms. Whether you are a business traveler, or a tourist seeing the sights of Brasilia, the Manhattan Plaza is a great place to stay.

Activities in Brasilia Brazil                           
There are tons of activities in Brasilia Brazil. This article shows you some of the top activities in Brasilia Brazil, including the mineral springs in the National Park, and the climb to the top of TV Tower.

National Park of Brasilia
The National Park of Brasilia is one of the city's greatest sights. At the National Park of Brasilia, you'll find unusual flora and fauna, hiking trails through the deep forest, and mineral springs where you can go for a dip.

Park Chapada Imperial
Chapada Imperial Park is outside the city of Brasilia, but it is well worth the trip. A federally protected environmental area, Chapada Imperal Park is one of the sights of Brasilia you don't want to miss.

Sara Kubitschek
Sara Kubitschek Park is one of the great sights of Brasilia. There is lots to do at Sara Kubitschek Park for the whole family.

Brasilia Botanical Garden
The Brasilia Botanical Garden is one of the great natural treasures of Brazil. When taking in the sights of Brasilia, don't forget to check out the Brasilia Botanical Garden.

Brasilia Zoological Garden
The Brasilia Zoological Garden is one of the sights you must check out in Brasilia. With over 1,300 animals and 253 species, you'll find wild animals from all over the world at Brasilia Zoological Garden.

Brasilia Bay Park
Brasilia Bay Park is a water park located right in the middle of Brasilia, among all the other sights and attractions. For a fun Brasilia day trip with the kids, check out Brasilia Bay Park.

Brasilia Helicopter Sightseeing
Brasilia helicopter sightseeing takes you way up above it all. There's no better way to see all the sights, attractions and modern architecture of Brasilia than with Brasilia helicopter sightseeing.

Boat trip on Lago Paranoa
The boat trip on Paranoa Lake is a wonderful way to see the sights and attractions of Brasilia from a different angle. If you really want to see all that Brasilia has to offer, take the boat trip on Paranoa Lake.

Guide to Brasilia Neighbourhoods
If you spend some time in Brasilia, why not check out some of the outlying Brasilia neighbourhoods? There are several Brasilia neighbourhoods just outside of the city itself that offer a little variety to your Brasilia stay. Here is a guide to Brasilia neighbourhoods.

Brasilia Apartment Rentals
Finding Brasilia apartment rentals is not an easy task. Brasilia doesn't have the booming vacation rental industry that other Brazilian cities have. Still, there are some Brasilia apartment rentals, and this article tells you how to find them.

Carnival in Brasilia Brazil
Every year, Carnival in Brasilia Brazil is picking up steam. Wild costumes, samba music, dancing... anything goes at Carnival in Brasilia Brazil!

Cheap Flight to Brasilia Brazil
It's not hard to get a cheap flight to Brasilia Brazil. It's a matter of knowing where to look, and when to buy. This article gives some tips on getting a cheap flight to Brasilia Brazil.

Brasilia Shopping
Brasilia shopping has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for brand name items or Brazilian native handcrafts, you can find something great with Brasilia shopping.

Brasilia Sports
When you're sightseeing in Brasilia, don't forget to check out Brasilia sports, too. Brazil is a country that is obsessed with sporting activities of all sorts, and Brasilia sports has a bit of everything.

Brasilia Brazil and Photos
These Brasilia Brazil videos and photos will give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit Brasilia. Take a look at these Brasilia, Brazil videos and photos, and start packing for your trip today!

Brasilia Brazil and Information
This page of Brasilia Brazil tourist information will give you some useful tips that you should know before you head out. Be sure to check this Brazilia Brazil tourist informatio

Brasilia Brazil Crime
Brasilia Brazil crime is something every traveler to the city should know about. Although not nearly as dangerous as other popular destinations in Brazil, knowing about Brasilia Brazil crime will help ensure your safety

Restaurants in Brasilia
Eating is one of the best parts of a trip to Brasilia. The number of great restaurants in Brasilia is staggering. Here are reviews of some of the most popular restaurants in Brasilia, just to get you started.

Brasilia Facts
Check out these Brasilia facts and figures, and learn about the population of Brasilia, its economy and sports teams. For more information, have a look at the links to other sites with Brasilia facts at the bottom of the page.

Brasilia Links
Here is a listing of Brasilia links and related web pages. You can find Brasilia links to travel sites as well as information about Brasilia's culture and history.

Map of Brasilia
This page contains maps of Brasilia. These maps of Brasilia will show you how the city is laid out, and where it lies in Brazil.

Brasilia Sightseeing
Brasilia sightseeing is not just fantastic architecture and wonderful parks. For the best Brasilia sightseeing, check out the rental cars in Brasilia, and get out of town for a day or two.

Brasilia Guide Books
Unfortunately, there aren't any Brasilia guide books written yet. If you want a Brasilia guide book, your best bet is to buy a Brazil guide book with comprehensive coverage. This article gives reviews of the three most popular.

Brasilia History
Brasilia history is unique among modern cities of the world. This is the story of Brasilia history, and what it means to the rest of the world.

Sanctuary Dom Bosco Brasilia
The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia is one of the city's great cultural sights. This church honors the Italian saint who dreamed up the city of Brasilia. The Dom Bosco Sanctuary Brasilia is a great attraction.

Brasilia Temple of Legiao da Boa Vontade
The Brasilia Temple of Legiao da Boa Vontade is a unique sightseeing attraction. Known as a center for spiritualism in Brazil's capital city, the Brasilia Temple of Legiao da Boa Vontade is a great place to visit on your trip.

Brasilia Museum de Valores
The Brasilia Museum de Valores is the nation's money museum, located in Brasilia's central bank. At the Brasilia Museum de Valores, you can see coins and monetary items from all over the world, and throughout human history.

Brasilia Museum Memoirial JK
The Brasilia JK Museum and Memorial honors the city's founding father, Juscelino Kubitschek. At the Brasilia JK Museum and Memorial, you'll find lots of exhibits about the life of Kubitschek and the founding of Brasilia.

Brasilia National Gems Museum
Located partway up the Television Tower is the Brasilia National Gems Museum. Take some time to check out the Brasilia National Gems Museum and see the best gems the world has to offer.

Brasilia Memorial Museum of the indian people
A little known cultural attraction, the Brasilia Memorial Museum of the Indian People is well worth checking out. The Brasilia Memorial Musuem of the Indian People celebrates native art and culture.

Museum of Brazilian Arts Brasilia
One attraction you don't want to miss is the Museum of Brazilian Arts Brasilia. At the Museum of Brazilian Arts Brasilia you'll find works by contemporary Brazilian artists.

Praca dos Tres Poderes
Brasilia's Praca dos Tres Poderes (Three Powers Square) is one of its major cultural attractions. One of the places you must see in Brasilia is the Praca dos Tres Poderes.

Catetinho is one of Brasilia's historic sights. It is the house where Juscelino Kubitschek lived during the historic building of the city of Brasilia. Now, Catetinho is open to the public.

Torre de Televisao
Torre de Televisao (The Television Tower) is one of Brasilia's best sights to see. From the top of the Torre de Televisao, you can see all the major sights of the city below.

Palacio da Alvorada
The Palacio da Alvorada is Brasilia's "Palace of the Dawn." It is the palace where the president of Brazil lives. People travel from all over the country to get a glimpse of the Palacio da Alvorada.

Climate in Brasilia Brazil
The climate in Brasilia Brazil has nice weather all year around. There is no snow, and it is not prone to any natural disasters. This article is a guide to the climate in Brasilia Brazil.

State of Distrito Federal
The state of Distrito Federal is where Brasilia is located. It is the capital of Brazil. This article is about the state of Distrito Federal

Brasilia Distrito Federal Real Estate
Buying Brasilia real estate is a dream for many people. It would be wonderful to have a house in Brazil. This article gives you some pointers about buying Brasilia real estate.

Night Life Brasilia
There is a lot happening with Brasilia night life. Take in the sights and relax, and when the sun goes down, hit the bars and clubs. This is a guide to Brasilia night life.

Cultural Sights of Brasilia
The cultural sights of Brasilia are what draw the tourists to this great city. With its unique art, architecture and history, the cultural sights of Brasilia are truly unique.

Oscar Niemeyer
Oscar Niemeyer was the architect chosen by Brasilia founder Juscelino Kubitschek to design most of the city's important buildings. This article takes a look at the life and work of Oscar Niemeyer.

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